Ancient Numismatics Research Institute

Ancient Numismatics Research Institute, LLC is a Missouri corporation,
organized for the purpose of conducting research on topics of interest to the
numismatic community and offering educational and research opportunities
to members of that community through in-house seminars, study groups,
and guided research projects.  The concept offers a range of activities heretofore
unavailable to independent scholars and collectors of ancient coins. 
The core program of ANRI is a series of 5-day objective oriented seminars
with groups of six to eight participants working as a team in an interactive environment
led by an experienced professional numismatist.  The individual seminars will vary
in content and focus and will be tailored to collectors and independent scholars
from beginning to advanced backgrounds.  Program participants will provide
their own transportation, meals and lodging -- all of which are available locally. 
The ANRI center, a former WPA Community Center built in 1935,
is located in Gainesville—a small community in the heart of the beautiful
and friendly Missouri Ozarks.  Additional details will be posted here
as this site is developed.

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